Open Source Conservation

The Cape Sanctuary believes in sharing the knowledge we have gained to be used by other conservation projects & volunteers. We are committed to open source conservation, so we are making all our research, documentation & successes and failures available on our web site.

Conservation of New Zealand native species is tricky and problematic. Many species are extinct, in terminal decline or severely threatened outside of sanctuaries. Even the best conservation projects suffer serious losses of endangered species, especially to predators.

Protecting our native species is never going to be 100% successful. Our volunteers and staff put huge efforts into protecting our endangered species but like every other conservation project, we expect some losses. At the same time, we are proud of our efforts to reintroduce and protect numerous native species at the Cape and to provide birds for relocation to other conservation projects around New Zealand.

Our volunteers and staff support the wonderful endangered species specialists who visit our sanctuary.

The Cape Sanctuary in 2006 before any planting.

We will can provide advice on the costs of setting up and running a sanctuary like the Cape for other private conservationists. The Department of Conservation does a wonderful job, but their budget is limited and they are responsible for vast amounts of New Zealand. They need the support of private conservation and volunteers to protect our native species.


The Cape Sanctuary welcomes research visits when we have the staff available to support the research. We prefer established researchers or postgraduate students because we have limited capacity to support large groups of undergraduate students. There is limited accommodation available for researchers.

Please contact Lindsay if you wish to undertake research at the Cape.


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