Since inception, the Cape Sanctuary has received translocations of 18 different species. The habitat provided & predator control has also dramatically increased the number of other native species inside the wire.

Translocations were mainly undertaken in the first 10 years after the predator-proof fence was built. Since then we have concentrated on habitat and predator & pest control to enhance the habitat for the translocated species.

Self-sustaining populations of most of the translocated species are thriving at the Cape. There has been spillover out of the Cape to the surrounding areas for some of the more mobile birds.

The predator control & habitat enhancement has to lead to populations of other native species to increase dramatically. As the habitat inside the wire matures we expect these populations to thrive and spill outside the wire.

Translocated Species

Eastern Brown Kiwi

Little Spotted Kiwi




Shore Plover

Cooks Petrel

Diving Petrel

Grey Faced Petrel

Banded Rail




Giant Weta






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